Deadpool obsessed

Spiderman has two many goblins in his life so it goes Goby1, Goby2 and HobGobbie



Thanks friend to help me translate into English. <3
Kids are simple <3

I’m crying

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Loving the pin up look these days

Steve Rogers was not being a sarcastic twerp when he mentioned his barber shop quartet. They performed at several hospitals. They were terrible.

Deadpool 9Fifty Snapback Cap | Read More: http://bit.ly/1x8MMTP

And in today’s Deadpool Flirting 101 class, we’ll be discussing the ‘gratuitous display of crotch’ method, and the likelihood of it working on the blind…
[Suicide Kings #03]

I’m just going to assume that Deadpool runs a Spideypool blog now.
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Spidey is missing you, Deadpool.
Where are you now?

Scott Summers would really like Pokemon if he tried it, but he got swept up in the Yu-Gi-Oh crowd instead and ended up dismissing them both as childish when he got older.